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The less technical version...

We know what makes our faces look less than their best -

too much sun, smoking, too much alcohol, too little water, pollution, too much sugar and caffeine, not enough vegetables, advancing years etc etc etc. 

The list is annoyingly long.  


Most of us know that cleaning and moisturising our skin is important and helps to fight off that annoyingly long list.  But do you ever spare a thought to the structure underneath your skin?  In truth, caring for the bit you can see just isn't enough.  I think of it as putting expensive wall paper on a wall that's falling down... 

In this massage we set out to wake up that structure, give the skin a bit of "zing!", get the muscles moving and get the blood and lymph flowing again.  It feels wonderful.

The slightly more technical version...

Our skin contains collagen and elastin fibres.  As we age these fibres lose their mobility and this shows in our faces as we lose the structure and suppleness.  The treatment can help the fibres to regain their elasticity and movement.  


Our muscles develop habitual expressions and these tense muscles cause our skin to suffer as oxygen, nutrients and waste, can no longer flow freely.  The treatment works on the muscle which can allow the blood and lymph to flow again.


Lymphatic drainage is encouraged during the treatment which helps the build up of toxins to be reduced.

You may notice one or more of the following benefits:


Reduces wrinkles and also lines caused by habitual expression lines

An improvement in eye area bags, dark circles and puffiness

Tightens and tones facial muscle and releases muscle tension

Improves skin tone, texture, elasticity and pores

Brightens the eyes and brings a glowing, radiant look

Relieves stress and related symptoms - like headaches and that annoying tension in your jaw

Sleep during the treatment is not unusual, some clients also find that their regular sleep pattern is improved

A general feeling of well being and calm

Those suffering from Tinitus and facial paralysis have reported an improvement.

The effects are cumulative, so for a long term result it is recommended that a series of treatments is undertaken.  I have found that most clients see an immediate difference in their own faces after their first session, and after three or four their friends notice too.

"I haven't felt so relaxed for years."   Henrietta

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