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The treatment is new to most people and you may have some questions.  


Please do get in touch to find out more.


How long is the treatment?

Just under an hour, the same length of time as the average back massage which gives an indication as to how intense this treatment is - the face is a lot smaller than the back!  Your first treatment takes a little longer because you have the chance to compare the before and after sides of your face at the halfway point.


Is it the same as a facial?

No. A facial is a treatment which exfoliates, cleanses and moisturises your skin. The facial massage is a completely different and wonderful experience working on the skin, muscles, lymphatic system, nervous system and energy field with results you may see and feel in your face, mind and body.  


Do I sit or lie down?

You will lie down, on your back, on the massage table.  There is a blanket to keep you warm.  


Should I remove my make up beforehand?

It's entirely up to you. The massage doesn't use oils or lotions so your make up will not be ruined if you prefer to keep it on, it might get a bit smudged.


Will my hair get greasy?

No. The massage is dry and doesn't use oils or lotions so your hair will be unaffected although it might need a brush!


Can I apply make up straight after the massage?



What should I wear?

Whatever you find comfortable. You will remain dressed for the massage. I need to access your neck so a crew / v neck / shirt / vest top works well - polo or turtle necks do not. You will remove your shoes so a pair of socks is a good idea to keep your toes warm.  You will need to remove earrings, necklace, spectacles and hearing aids.


Do we talk during the treatment?

Conversation is hard as I need your face to remain still.  Of course if there is something you want to say then please do speak up.  Most people enjoy having an hour where nothing is required of them!


What if I fall asleep?  What if I snore?!

Many people do exactly that!  I always take it as a compliment.   You can sleep while I work on your face and awake to a new you.  Some people sleep quite deeply or feel quite "spaced out" afterwards.  Snoring is very usual, as is the occasional snort!


What should I do after the massage?

Drink a few glasses of water to help flush away the toxins that have been released by the massage.

Look in the mirror and enjoy the results that can continue to develop for 24 hours. 


Who is this suitable for?

Everyone! If you can lie on your back for an hour this is for you.


I'm pregnant/breast feeding, can I have a massage?

As with everything else at this stage of life please double check with your doctor, usually you will be advised to avoid massage in the first trimester but otherwise it is fine.  It is particularly handy to find a pregnancy safe alternative to Botox.


I have Botox and/or fillers. Is that ok?  Will I still benefit?

You may find that the massage lessens, or entirely removes, the need for these treatments.  Please check with your Botox/filler practitioner how long you should wait before having a massage.  The usual answer is one week. 

The treatment is also beneficial to your mind, giving you a rare opportunity to switch off completely.  

What about payment?

All payments become due at the end of each session and are by cash or cheque only please, or by bank transfer on request.  I am not VAT registered. 


What is your cancellation policy?

All appointments will be confirmed.  Cancellations made less than 24 hours before the appointment time will be charged in full. 


Where did you train and are you qualified?

I was fortunate to train and sit (and pass!) my exams at the London Centre of Indian Champissage, the birthplace of this technique, and I have the LCICI diploma. 

The Centre is affiliated to the CMA, The Complementary Medicine Association.


Are you insured?

Yes, and I am a member of the Independent Professional Therapists International.

Is there anything you don’t like about the massage?!

Annoyingly it’s impossible to do on one’s own face!

Is there anywhere nice to eat nearby?

Yes!  I can highly recommend critically acclaimed A Wong and Lorne or the ever reliable Gails.

"I look as though I've had botox - but in a good way."   Susana

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